The "Railway Series" takes up the theme of "railroads" and "being on the move" from different angles. The focus is on the aspect of travel itself, being on the move, movement, blurriness and fleeting encounters. But also the desire to move forward and the associated lack of interest in what is outside the train, outside the compartment. And yet it is worth pausing and paying attention to what is happening "outside". This brief pause is achieved in the "Movements" shown here by means of serial shots with the camera, whereby the barely recognizable, that which passes by in a matter of seconds, is broken up, dissected and thus made visible. 1, 3, 5 or 10 seconds are captured on film and break up the blurred image into concrete snapshots. Suddenly the viewer becomes aware of the often prevailing monotony on the one hand and the incredible diversity that can be seen in a few seconds but can only be presented with the help of the camera on the other.